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Sentencing Order
  • Sentencing Order

The court where you were convicted should have given you two copies of the Sentencing Order which outlines what sanctions have been given to you including your revocation period and what you need to do in order to have your sentence reduced.  You must provide one copy of the Order to CAIP for your records.


Should you not have the sentencing order, you will need to contact the court where you were convicted to find out how to get a copy.

  • Payments

You must bring in two money orders at your intake; we will only accept money orders.  Should you appear for your appointment with any other form of payment, we will not be able to continue with your intake appointment and you will be required to reschedule and pay a $75 rescheduling fee.   


The first money order is for $70, which covers the State Fee charged by NH to administer the IDCMP programs.  This money order should be made out to:  “Treasurer, State of NH.”  If you qualify for a reduced fee, the state fee is waived and will not need to be paid (see below, “Reduced Fee”).

The second money order is for $75, which covers the fee for the intake interview.  This money order should be made out to:  “Headrest". 


Should you be required to do an evaluation the same day, the fee for the evaluation is $200 and you can bring in one $275 money order to cover the cost of both the intake and the evaluation if that is easier for you.  At your intake, we will review with you any other program components you will be required to complete and the related fees. 


If you are having difficulty paying these fees, we will work as a partner with you to help you set up a payment plan you can afford.  Please let your intake interviewer know that you want to discuss making a payment plan. 


Reduced Fee

Should you be currently receiving temporary assistance to needy families, social security disability, supplemental security income, aid to the permanently and totally disabled or old age assistance you can be eligible for a reduced fee for the IDEP if you provide proper documentation.  This will reduce the cost of the Impaired Driver Education Program from $300 to $150.  In addition, the state fee of $70 is waived. 

IMPORTANT: In order for the state fee to be waived you MUST bring proof or documentation of your income to your intake appointment.  Otherwise the state fee must be paid, or you will be turned away from the intake and charged a rescheduling fee. 

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