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Client Testimonials


I would like to thank all of you for what you do but particularly Mary and Sandy.  Being a professional and making this mistake, the two of them were always a pleasure and helped me keep positive to focus on my goals.  They were always very sincere and positive and just wanted to make sure they know!


Food was awesome, especially the desert torte that Stephanie made on the last night we were there! Stephanie was awesome and very caring.  Joan's teaching was so good that all of us did not want to leave....we wanted to stay and learn more.  Rowdy the little dog that was there was very calming, especially for the few of us that missed our own dogs.  Rowdy made us feel better.  The other girl Katie was good too.  Both instructors were excellent and we all really learned a lot!


Thank you so very much for all the work you've done.  You went beyond the call of duty.  If I was your boss, you'd get an Employee of the Year Award!  You and Sandy have been angels.  And, I learned a grave lesson.  Don't Drink and Drive, Ever, under any circumstances.


You guys at CAIP have been just wonderful…  I cannot thank you enough!  I am never going to forget you.  You have helped me so much.  This has been a very long road and I am so thankful for all of the wonderful help I received from you at CAIP.  Thank you all!


You guys are the only ones that have truly helped me.  Even my lawyer does not help me as much as you ladies.  I just want to say thank you so much for all of the help and support you have given me with my program, thank you so much!


The class was excellent.  Everybody participated.  There are people that are just doing what they have to do to get through the process.  However, Norma had a special way of running her class which made it exceptional and helped all of us get a lot out of the class.  Norma is a good teacher.  She tries to keep things on a light note and get the class feeling good before hitting the emotional chords.  Someone should pat her on the back.



I was so impacted by some of the things she (Joan) shared in class that I have stopped drinking and I do not want to ever again.  Joan was very warm and caring and helpful, and I really loved her class.


This has been a long process going without my license for over 20 years!  It is nice to know that someone is willing to go the extra mile to help me out!  Thank you for all of your hard work on my case!  I thank you so much!



Katie is great!  You can tell she is passionate about what she does.  I have not had my license in many years in this program was excellent.  I thought it was really good and educational.  I learned a lot of stuff that I did not even know.  She was really good I thought.  We all thought that.  We had a great class.  We learned that there are ‘grayouts’ and ‘blackouts’ which I did not know.  The food was really good too!  Stephanie is a great cook and everyone was really nice there.  Katie was really fantastic!  She made it go by a quick because she kept it very interesting.  You never wanted to nod off and it was not intimidating either.  She made it comfortable.  Keep that one.  She is a keeper!


I just want to say thank you once again.  I’d also like to say thank you to everyone else at the CAIP Office.  Everyone there was helpful and professional every step of the way.  Katie who ran the weekend program was excellent as well.  I felt she had good delivery, actually cared which isn’t always the case in my experience and knew just the right amount of give and take to allow people to speak freely and still reign everything back in as needed.  Your entire staff is a good example of how state endorsed programs should operate.  So thank you all. 


Katie and Joan were my instructors and I wanted to thank you again for the great experience this past weekend.  I really learned a lot and came away with a new outlook on life and armed with more knowledge and being in touch with more of my feelings… 

You guys did a great job, and it is good to know that there are people like you out there really helping people…


Joan did a GREAT job with the class.  She kept it interesting and interactive.  The class was three 8 hour days and Joan made it go by very well because she kept it interesting.  Going through the process was hard.  Joan did a good job of helping us look at this as our responsibility instead of blaming everyone else which I felt was good.  I had originally placed blame on the police that arrested me which I now realize was wrong.  This program with CAIP has been excellent and I thank you guys for all you have done for me.



The people that I met at the program were great.  They really impacted my life right down to the macaroni and cheese.  Bob and Joan were both wonderful to work with.  Sandy has helped me tremendously as well.  Your staff is wonderful, so thank you so much!

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